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1.- Must Be At Least 13 Years of Age! This is the law!
2.- Must own a Valid Copy of Either X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D or any flight simulator.
3.- If a member with IVAO or Vatsim, you must be in good standing with them.
4.- Must be able to communicate with basic english. If you cannot you can use a translator such as google translate if we ever need to contact you.
5.- The pilot must submit their real identity and a valid e-mail address
6.- Must Obey and Listen to All Opposed Above You.
7.- All registrations must be submitted by the pilot applying not by anyone else on behalf of the applying pilot
8.- Although there is no obligation to fly on a network, pilots must have a VATSIM and/or IVAO account which is active
9.- When flying online, pilots should display good airmanship, fly in a realistic manner, and adhere and comply to the IVAO or VATSIM regulations
10.- Never argue with other pilots. If any problems arise, contact a member of staff
11.- Keep a civilized manner when communicating with other pilots. Do not argue.
12.- The 10 and 11 points can be reasons to get expulsed from our VA


1. The pilot is not required to fly with the indicated Aircraft, it is just a reflection to the real life flight but we encourage doing so..

2. If the pilot chooses an aircraft type different from the timetable he/she must adjust speed to be in range of the indicated flight time in the timetable.

3. Virtual flights, flown with y/c aircraft also need to be in range with given time in virtual timetable.

4. If there is an aircraft indicated in the Special Flights / Tours the pilot must use the indicated type.

Simulation Rate

1. The maximum simulation rate is 1x.

2. Flights flown with a simulation rate higher than allowed could be cancelled.


Offline / Online
If possible, please fly online within the IVAO network.

1. All flights can be followed online or offline.

2. Events should be flown online, unless otherwise specified.

3. Any flight offline must be registered with Kacars.

4 All flights operated in line with our  VA radio callsign, GVT, will be automatically registered. All other flights, ex. Charter flown with other names, but not only, must report with Kacars.

Staff AirGaviota can change, delete or add rules at any time, depending on the desired amount required operational. We will notify you via email when some changes are applied but it is your responsibility to check from time to time if certain changes were applied.


If you agree to follow our rules then REGISTER HERE