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AirGaviota-VA Stats
General VA stats:
Number of pilots:18
Total flights flown:5 355
Total hours flown:10002:46
Total distance flown:10 349 657 NM
Stats generated at:20 Apr 2018 14:48:33z (1 sec ago)

Timetable stats:
Number of flights:178
Total distance:178 239 NM
Total duration:423:08
Most used aircraft:737-800 (B738), 59 flights
Top destination:MUHA (Havana), 36 flights
Top departure:MUHA (Havana), 37 flights

Top pilots:
Top hours:2553:01 (Juan Cordero Perez )
Top flights:1 247 (Juan Cordero Perez )
Top distance:931 247 NM (Ruben Puerta)