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Airgaviota Features

  • Pilots transfer hours from other VA's;
  • Enhanced Fleet Tracking          
  • Automatic flight detection for online flight 
  • Advanced pilots manager;       
  • Pilot roster (including pilot profile pages); 
  • Pilots based on airline hubs;     
  • Assign flights to pilots;             
  • Automatic Awards system;        
  • Events system;                       airgaviota
  • Tours system;                         
  • Personal profile page;                 
  • Last logs page;                           
  • Advanced flight booking system: timetable or flight booking form*;
  • Flightlog manager;                      
  • Current flights page;                       
  • Fleet manager;                            
  • Stats page;       
  • kACARS_Free.   


More features coming soon

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