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Welcome to Air Gaviota-VA!

Welcome to AirGaviota-Virtual Airline
     Welcome to the website of AirGaviota-VA. We are a group of air simulation enthusiasts that want carry the  real and virtual aviation world together in one space, using Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft FlightSimulator  Steam Edition, P3D and X-Plane. Our VA offers the highest standards for its pilots. In AirGAviota you can fly online (flights can be flown on VATSIM, IVAO) and offline, they will always be recorded flights. We will regularly update our fleet and our routes.
What do we offer to our pilots? You can check the full features list here.


Ivao WebEye


Rules,Terms and conditions
   Please read carefully our terms and conditions here in english y aqui en Español
  And the VA rules here in english y aqui en español

Online Pilots and ATC's :    





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Be advise, AirGaviota-VA, is a free community, free to users, and no profit. This website, serve the hobby of flight simulation. Isn't possible to book any flights with real existing airlines. Also similaries with real existing airlines are not intended and don't show or link any connection of the website owners and the real airlines.